Quantum Best Security

Cybersecurity services

Discover high risk vulnerabilities in your software that has an impact on your business.
Improve your SOC with our database with unknown vulnerabilities (zero days).
Zero days and fully undetectable binaries for Redteam exercises.

Our team

We are a disciplined team of qualified professionals with more than 7 years of demonstrable experience in the field of cybersecurity specialiazed in offensive security and cyberintelligence.

What do we do

 Automated vulnerability discovery and exploitation

Our analysis platform includes different analysis engines to identify a relationship of 100% exploitable vulnerabilities.

Database with unkown vulnerabilities

We constantly update our database with unknown vulnerabilities that it includes for each vulnerability:

  • Technical document
  • Proof of concept / exploit
  • How to remediate
Ensure success in the red team exercises

We can provide to  your team binaries and red team frameworks full FUD.

Our research can ensure success in your red team exercise. 

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